We deliver 'joined up data science' to find the value in your data

We accelerate your journey towards becoming a genuinely data-centric company

We combine best-in-class open source frameworks with our proprietary toolkits

Insight Capital is a data science and machine learning solutions company focussed on financial services.

Using our unique combination of quantitative research, machine learning and technology infrastructure, we deliver bespoke analytical tools.

The type of clients we work with:

  • Have a lot of data and want to unlock its value
  • Are trapped in Excel and locked to the desktop
  • Have disparate and siloed sources of data
  • Want an analytical edge, speed and operational efficiency
  • Have a successful business, but outdated technology

We have a simple philosophy:

  • Turn data into an accessible and valuable resource
  • Make machine learning easy to use
  • Combine data science with the rigour of "old school" programming
  • Version all code and all data, iteratively test and validate
  • Show all our workings and reject "black boxes"
  • Share the knowledge

We have developed a dependable and repeatable process:

We believe in delivering "joined up data science": a close collaboration between business, data scientists, data engineering, DevOps and development teams.

data diagram


Our technology stack:

We design bespoke client solutions that leverage a modern technology stack and combine best-in-class open source frameworks with our proprietary toolkits.

CEO's often ask us whether they should build or buy?

In an age of open source technology, the tools, support and expertise exist to build exactly what you want.

By remaining at the cutting edge, we make it easier for you to hire engineering talent who are already familiar with these technologies. We believe you can’t buy a competitive advantage off the shelf.

Implementation details:

  • DevOps-enabled cloud infrastructure
  • Bespoke data aggregation, cleaning and transformation code
  • Centralised database schema
  • Secure web interfaces with sophisticated query capabilities and outputs
  • Scalable, on-demand machine learning pipelines
  • NOMAD toolkit allows a simple upgrade path for your silo-ed data
  • JCoS API and Web app – a single front-end data gateway for disparate data sources

Example project infrastructure:

We provide the upside of 'disruptive technology' without de-stabilising a successful business. Modular deployment and an exchangeable technology strategy ensures maximum flexibility.

Example project infrastructure diagram