Meet the team

  • Steve Cracknell

    CEO and Fintech entrepreneur who previously implemented scalable machine learning solutions for Goldman Sachs, Thomson Reuters and other Silicon Valley startups.

  • Warren Pearson

    Chief Technology Officer, with previous experience in designing and delivering large-scale solutions at Goldman Sachs, Barclays, London Stock Exchange and a Silicon Valley startup.

  • Jaco Venter

    Asset Management and Data Analytics expert, previously a Quantitative Analyst at JP Morgan Investment Bank and Portfolio Manager at Crux Capital and JP Morgan Asset Management. Jaco is a CFA charterholder and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

  • David Montaner

    PhD Chief Data Scientist and published Researcher, previously worked at Barclays and Genomics England.

  • Michalis Christofi

    Senior Data Scientist with PhD in Computer Science and experience in the financial services and media industries.

  • Angela Onslow

    PhD and Lead Data Scientist, previously worked at Datamaran.

  • Birsen Sirkeki

    PhD with tenure at San Jose State University. Specialist in Natural Language Processing.

  • Sebastien Pires

    Experienced Software Engineer in the healthcare and financial services industries, previously worked at Ryalto and Babylon Health.

  • Agatha Cheng

    Qualified Software Engineer with experience in healthtech and digital media industries, previously worked at Ryalto.>

  • Emilio Menendez Sanchez

    .Software Engineer with a background in Business Administration, experienced in building and maintaining back-end applications, previously worked at Babylon Health and Fuse Universal.

  • Jereth Cormack

    Entrepreneurial product engineer. With experience building and leading teams at one of Europe's biggest startups as well as working as part of a team to overhaul a billion dollar company's infrastructure. Previously at Babylon Health, Eurostar.

  • Martin Stevens

    Senior DevOps engineer previously at Contino, Salesforce and Openbanking.

  • Dainius Dulinskas

    Experienced software engineer and architect in the insurance and financial services industries.

  • Simon Haven

    Experienced data engineer with a decades-long background in building financial systems at UBS, Barclays Capital, JP Morgan, Commerzbank and Swiss Re.