Our Tools

Functional tools

Human insight and raw computing power, woven together by modern technology, generate better results than individually. Providing easy-to-use tools is an essential part of empowering business users to find an edge over their competitors.


Develop and test investment ideas using NLP classifiers.

Investment tool

Factor Inter-Relationships

Quantify the strength of relationships and dependencies between financial factors to control overexposure to common factors. 

Factor Inter-Relationships

Document Analysis and Scoring

Use machine learning classifiers to read documents and highlight defined content.

Document analysis and scoring


Track the performance of customized machine learning investment ideas. 

Performance diagram

Data Exploration and Visualisation

Compare distributions of financial factors across sectors. At first glance, some factors are concentrated while others are widely dispersed.

Data exploration and visualisation

Machine Learning Signal Strength

Asses signal strength across portfolios, relative to performance. 

Machine learning signal strength